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2024-04 雅思口语话题

2024-04 雅思口语话题 Part 1 Cakes Do you like to eat cakes or other sweet foods? Did you like to eat cakes as a child? Can you make cakes? Are there any tra

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英文写作5:混合文 1. 题目特征 混合文是议论文和报告文的混合,因此根据题目提问的类型,混合之前提到的议论文和报告文写作结构就可以了。混合文需要回应两个任务段,其中议论文本身应当自带两个或者三个主体段(议论文有四段式和五段式结构,驳论段可以没有),而在混合文中,我们需要把它们全部压缩成一段来写。

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英文写作4:报告文 1. 题目特征 报告文议题通常会先描述一种现象,然后提问一般涉及3个方面:原因、影响、措施,提问一般是这3个方面选2个作为写作任务来问: What are the causes of that and what actions can be taken to solve the

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英文写作3:优缺点议论文 1. 题目特征 Do you think the advantages/benefits outweigh the disadvantages/problems? 这类题目的写作结构和双观点议论文非常像,也是常采用四段式结构,只是把观点段换成优缺点段,但是写作逻辑基本一致。

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英文写作2:双观点议论文 1. 题目特征 Some people think… + 一种观点,while/but/however/nevertheless, others think + 另一种观点. Discuss both views/sides/opinions and give your o

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英文写作:单观点议论文 1. 题目特征 Some people think… + 一种观点。 To what extent do you agree or disagree? (或者Is it a positive or negative development?) Nowadays a large

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